Get free online IELTS mock tests from Preptical

You can get free IELTS mock tests by inviting your friends to Preptical:

  • For every one of your referrals who purchases a mock test package, we will go you one free mock test.
  • To make your invitation more attractive, we also give your friends a 10% discount to purchase a mock test.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite, and there is also no limit to the number of free tests you can earn.

To invite someone to Preptical:

1- Sign in to Preptical

2- Go to the “Free Mock Test” tab on the menu

3- Invite your friends using one of the following methods:

– Invitation via social media: If you are active on social media or have some friends or followers preparing for the IELTS exam, you can directly share your invitation on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This invitation includes a link to a landing page where your friends can find instructions on how to get their 10% discount. You can see the invite details before it goes out on your social media.

– Invite directly with a link: If you want to invite your friends directly, for example, by sending them a direct message or SMS, you can copy and send your unique invite link. This method is also helpful if you have a website or blog and want to embed your invitation.

– Invite via email: If you have an extensive contact list or know the email address of many friends who might be prepping for the IELTS exam, leave the task of inviting them to us. Paste or Enter their email addresses in this field and click Send

You can paste a long list of contacts here, and we will send them invitations on your behalf.

See the status of email invitations

You can see the status of invitations you’ve via email in the table at the bottom of the page. You can see in the “Status” column:

  • Invited: Your referral has been invited to Preptical but hasn’t yet signed up.
  • Pending purchase: Your referral has signed up but has not purchased a mock test yet.
  • Completed: Your referral has used their 10% discount, and you have earned a free test.
  • Ineligible: The recipient is ineligible for the referral program

This may mean that the recipient has already purchased a test package.

Once you’ve sent the referral, the person you referred will need to complete these steps before you receive your free mock test:

  • Create an account on Preptical and sign in
  • Add any mock test package to the cart and go through the checkout
  • Enter your email address as referral during checkout