29 12, 2020

Why is the Speaking test not in-person?


We are committed to keeping our tests affordable while giving the test takers what they "actually" need. We understand that you need to get a feeling of taking the real IELTS speaking test and also get detailed feedback on each one of your questions as well as improvement tips for weaknesses in your speaking skill. To achieve this level of quality while keeping the price of our exams as low as possible, we have come up with a new alternative: In our Speaking tests, you'll hear the examiner's questions in a conversational manner and you'll have time to answer each question [...]

Why is the Speaking test not in-person?2022-01-22T03:08:02+03:30
19 12, 2020

What is Priority Evaluation?


Normally, test reports will be published within 48 hours of finishing a test. With Priority Evaluation, you can decrease this time to just 24 hours. With Priority Evaluation, we just move your exam to the top of the stack and prioritize your evaluation, so the quality of the test report is just the same as normal evaluation and you'll receive the same detailed and helpful report from our examiners. This service is particularly useful for those users who wish to take more tests before their actual exam, or their IELTS test day is very close and would like to get their [...]

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4 09, 2020

Are your mock tests evaluated by robots?


Of course not! Every and all parts of the tests, including every single question are assessed and evaluated by our certified IELTS examiners. Computer-assessed mock tests are not accurate and do not reflect your actual performance, so we never use them.

Are your mock tests evaluated by robots?2020-09-04T20:04:31+04:30
10 08, 2020

Is there a time limit to use my test credits?


Yes, you need to use all your test credits within one year after the purchase date. We think this is plenty of time that allows a majority of our users to use their test credits.

Is there a time limit to use my test credits?2020-08-10T23:26:41+04:30
10 08, 2020

Can I access my mock tests later for practice?


Sure, you can always access the previous mock tests that you took on our platform. Just log in to your account, navigate to "Previous Tests" and choose the mock test you'd like to access.

Can I access my mock tests later for practice?2020-08-10T23:25:14+04:30
10 08, 2020

How can I highlight text in the exam?


You can highlight the text and insert notes throughout your online IELTS mock test. To do so, you need to select the word(s) that you wish to highlight or the part of the text that you want to add a note to, then right-click on your selection and select "Highlight" or "Insert Note" on the right-click menu. To remove the highlight or note, right-click again and click on "Remove". If you cannot access the Highlight menu in the test, make sure that your Chrome is up to date. If you cannot access it even after an update, please exit the exam, [...]

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7 09, 2019

Can I take my IELTS mock tests on a cell phone?


Most parts of our tests are similar to the Computer-Delivered IELTS exam and they include sections that can only be viewed and answered on a computer. Therefore, to take a mock test on our platform you need a computer as well as Google Chrome.

Can I take my IELTS mock tests on a cell phone?2020-08-10T23:13:23+04:30
11 05, 2019

Which skills are assessed in your IELTS Mock tests?


All four skills, namely listening, reading, writing and speaking are included in our IELTS mock tests and all our tests are delivered to you online. Therefore you don't have to attend a test center or wait for a booking time.

Which skills are assessed in your IELTS Mock tests?2019-05-11T14:06:30+04:30
11 05, 2019

How is the Speaking test done?


Similar to the other skills, the speaking test is also done online. You'll hear the examiner’s questions and you will be given enough time to answer each question. Your answers will be recorded and uploaded seamlessly to our servers where they are reviewed and scored by our examiners. Our Speaking tests contain all three sections of the IELTS speaking in 15 questions and one cue card task, so you'll have a very similar experience to the actual IELTS speaking test.

How is the Speaking test done?2020-12-29T10:08:23+03:30
11 05, 2019

Can I continue a test at a later time?


Of course! If your connection gets interrupted or you wish to terminate the test for any reason, you can continue your test right from where you left off. All you have to do is to navigate to the "Previous Tests" section from the menu, find the unfinished test under "Unfinished Tests" and click on the "Continue

Can I continue a test at a later time?2021-06-25T23:13:20+04:30
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